General Information

The basic idea … to bring together "dynamicists" and
"functional equationists" on (more or less) common ground:
iteration theory.
… to become acquainted with each other and with each
other's work, and one day massive co-operation may result.

                                                                 György Targonski


The main topic of ECIT is iteration theory. This is a branch of mathematics and includes topics related to discrete dynamical systems and functional equations. The aim of these theoretical studies is to model, analyze and understand iterative processes, for example systems with discrete time. Such systems arise in many different fields of application: engineering (eg. control theory and electronics), physics, mechanics, economics, biology, ecology, and so on. All these questions have given rise to the introduction and the development of several branches of mathematics, related with iteration theory, as, for instance:
  • theory of singularities
  • bifurcation theory
  • dynamical systems with small perturbations
  • topological dynamics
  • ergodic theory
  • symbolic dynamics
  • embedding problems and fractional iterates
  • iteration groups and semigroups
  • iterative functional equations
  • iteration of multifunctions
20th ECIT follows the sequence of meetings started in Toulouse 1973 and continued in Graz 1977, Marburg 1980, Toulouse 1982, Lochau 1984, Caldes de Malavella 1987, Batschuns 1989, Lisboa 1991, Batschuns 1992, Opava 1994, Urbino 1996, Muszyna 1998, La Manga del Mar Menor 2000, Evora 2002, Batschuns 2004, Gargnano 2006, Yalta 2008, Nant 2010 and Ponta Delgada 2012.

20th ECIT is organized under the honorary patronage of

Elżbieta Polak, the Marshall of the Lubuskie Voivodeship
Janusz Kubicki, the Mayor of Zielona Góra


Organizer: Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science and Econometrics, University of Zielona Góra
Time: September 14 - 20, 2014
Place: Hotel Spa Morena , Łagów, Poland
Cost: The approximate total cost (including accommodation, meals, social events and conference fee) of the conference will be 580 EUR (520 EUR for an accompanying person). A surcharge of 150 EUR will be made for a single room accommodation (there is a limited number of single rooms)
Deadlines: On-line registration: February 28, 2014
Final registration completing: June 10, 2014
Transfering conference fee: June 10, 2014
Abstract sending: August 10, 2014